Is it trespassing if the door wasn’t locked?

Saturday was the Super Bowl for Australian rules football (Footy). It seems to be a mix between American football, soccer and rugby. It’s the most watched sport in Australia and it was held here in Melbourne! The city was crazy! Fans were dressed in their team colors days leading up to the event and it was broadcast from many public squares and probably every bar! It was like tailgating at Gillette with the number of people dressed up the day before the game, and even more so on Saturday! Businesses decorated, cars painted – it was really cool to see all the fanfare. The Aussies really get into it. The Western Bulldogs (Melbourne) beat the Sydney Swans by a goal in the last few minutes. It was really cool to be in the city after with everyone celebrating!


Just before the game I decided to go up to the Eureka Skydeck – the highest viewing platform in the Southern Hemisphere. It was really cool. I could see the stadium filling up, and people congregated in Federation square to watch. You could also see all of the harbor which I hadn’t seen yet!
Eureka Skydeck

Jennifer, a girl from London staying in my hostel, looked up this low-key, non-pretentious rooftop bar. We made our way in that direction, but couldn’t find the entrance. We walked down filthy alleyways, literally spilling out with trash and empty bottles (that was the street that the bar was supposedly on) then went around to the back side and after looking at their website thought maybe we go in the Tuxedo Cat (as their site said it was above it). We opened the door (broken glass) and saw an empty bar. There were small signs pointing up for the rooftop bar, so hesitating, we followed. The stairs were carpeted, it was dark, musty. It felt wrong… But what the hell, right? It felt like we were trespassing…it felt like their may be ghosts around, it felt like there may have been a murder there at some point haha. We go up, see another bar with empty bottles on it and more signs for the rooftop bar, but still no one in sight. We follow the signs to a door to some stairs outside. Just as we were about to go up and shut the door.. I think that maybe we should see if the door is locked to see if we would be able to get back in. Sure enough it was. Luckily for us we caught the door before it slammed shut. Jennifer went up and confirmed out suspicions, there was a bar, but no one in sight. It was super strange. We could have just helped ourselves to beer! We ended up finding another chill bar to sit outside at instead.

Street art is everywhere!

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