No one’s in good shape after 26 hours in airports and planes…

I think I may have slept for 4 hours in and out on the 16 hour flight from LAX to Melbourne, Australia. I was lucky enough to be seated next to a friendly couple who was heading home to Melbourne after traveling throughout the US for 6 weeks who gave me some pointers on Melbourne and New Zealand!

My flights in general were pretty good…outside of my air vent spitting ice balls on my flight from Maine to Newark, it was a pretty easy trip! I will say.. A 16 hour flight is challenging… I wouldn’t want to make it a habit. Needless to say, I was tired, felt like crap from eating crap and really just wanted to brush my teeth.

I wish I had taken pictures of the sky as we were descending into Melbourne. It was early in the morning so the sun was rising – it was stunning. The sky went from the brightest reds and oranges to deep purple…and then sun changed from a great orange color to a blazing white – whiter than any moon I’ve seen. I wish I had an aisle seat!! When we landed, I took it as a good sign that a rainbow appeared over the city! I checked into my hostel… Great location and decent amenities. Good sized kitchen, common areas – and of course the non-English speakers in my room are Swedes – so I understand them too!

It’s a little dreary and chilly here – around 58 degrees. There is the AFL Final (Australian Football) this weekend in Melbourne – so big that the city actually gives it a public holiday! It’s pretty much the Super Bowl of Australia and comes to a head with the Foxtel Footy Festival. This weekend is also the Melbourne Fringe Festival – a large arts festival!

I’ve discovered that Melbourne is a lot like Portland when it comes to food. The first place I ate at, right around the corner from my hostel, was called Grains. I had an amazing Coq au Vin.. 

Coq au Vin

I was a complete waste yesterday (the day I arrived) so I apologize for the lack of good photos. The jet lag was killing me and I had a headache most of the day. Even now, waking up (Friday morning here), the headache is still there. I’m going on a walking tour of the city today to get a little better familiarized with it – and then will hopefully enjoy some Fringe Festival! I will be heading out of Melbourne for a few days to visit the 12 Apostles and the Great Ocean Road on Monday, followed by hiking through some trails on Mt. Bishop, Mt. Oberon or Pillar Point. Then off to Squeaky Beach – where there is apparently singing sand!! Fingers crossed I see some kangaroos and koalas!


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