Warning: really awesome pictures ahead.

After pretty much fully recovering from jet lag, I met up with a guy who took me to St. Kilda’s beach to check out the little penguins. They make their homes right off the boardwalk there. It was amazing…cute little guys just walking around the boardwalk or hopping around the rocks. You couldn’t use flash because it would blind them, but you can see we were able to get pretty close!

Little Penguins on the boardwalk

I spent the following day on the great ocean road. It’s about a 3 hour drive to Melbourne, but it is worth it. The views are absolutely stunning. The 12 apostles was one of the major sites, and actually started as just 10 rock formations but are now 8 because of deterioration. It’s all sandstone and limestone so as the waves and wind crash against them they weaken. If you do anything in southern Australia, I would say definitely do the Great Ocean Road.

Loch Ard Gorge on the Great Ocean Road
12 Apostles (though there are only 8)
The beach off Gibsons Steps on the Great Ocean Road
Cape Otway Light – it was blowing about 70 mph at the top!
Double Rainbow as we were leaving the Great Ocean Road

Another day was spent visiting an animal sanctuary and then we went to Phillips Island to the Nobbies and to see more Penguins. 

Wallaby and his friend
The Nobbies

Yesterday I was able to get to Wilsons Promontory, a national park about three hours away. The hiking and views were amazing (though it was overcast and windy).

One of the views from the top of Mt. Bishop
Top of Mt. Bishop looking down at Squeaky Beach. it was so windy there was no chance of me standing
Coming around Tidal River was like a fairytale!


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