A Canadian is a canoe, but a canoe is not a Canadian.

It was 545 in the morning as I walked past a cafe that was pumping rave music in the airport in Copenhagen a few days ago. I almost stopped but decided that I wasn’t quite to the level of energy to appreciate a rave.. Even though it looked like a lot of fun.
Another interesting thing that I forgot about when flying between European countries is the fact that you don’t show your passport at all – not when showing your boarding pass, not at security and not at customs – it was the strangest thing coming from someplace where you constantly have to show your ID when traveling!

Now to rewind some. It’s always amazing to visit Sweden, and this quick trip didn’t disappoint. I think I’m at an age now that I better appreciate everything there, and had a fantastic time. I visited my host sister in Stockholm for a quick one-night visit – and we had a great time. We went out to a club (well multiple clubs) but one really cool one in particular (though I forget the name). It had outdoor sections, indoor sections, different music and probably 10 different bars.

I got back to Lund and had dinner with my host families. They are truly amazing people and it was a fantastic evening. The next day, before heading back to Copenhagen, we stopped at Katrinetorp – a beautiful cafe and garden in Malmö.

My amazing host families!
Katrinetorp in Malmö

Now that I’m in Germany, I’ve been able to spend a couple days with Steffi and Thomas. Steffi lived with my family in the US when I lived in Sweden for a year. This is the second time I’ve been to visit – but the last time was 10 years ago! 

We spent the first day at the zoo in Munich (Steffi and Thomas have two young boys). It was a really large zoo with some very neat exhibits – and some things that wouldn’t necessarily fly in the US so was interesting to see (dead rabbits hanging from lines over the polar bear exhibit for the bear to eat).

Steffi and the boys!

On the way back to to Cham we had to stop at a biergarten – the real reason I visit Germany! Hah. Yesterday morning we went on a quick hike up Kaitersberg – about 1000 meters high – so it was a quick hike – but with the little ones it was just about perfect. We had a great view, and of course followed the hike with a trip to another biergarten.

My first Biergarten of 2016!
Biergarten food!

Today (and actually yesterday as well) was very reminiscent of being in Maine. Today we took canoes down the Regen River. Apparently all kayaks and canoes are called canoes here. And a canoe as we know it is a called a Canadian! 

Thomas and I canoing!

The shores were a lot like Maine (lots of trees) but it was also lined with other sights (water mills, extremely old buildings and train lines). And in true form, we ended the day at a biergarten. 

Water Mill

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