Fill the steins!

The past few days have been filled with similar fun experiences (I have not been able to keep track of which day is which anymore)! I wrapped up my visit with Steffi and Thomas by visiting a festival (filled with biergartens and rides). Many people dressed in the traditional lederhosen and dirndls.

This is where I had my first full liter of beer in a stein. Beer isn’t taxed as a beverage on Bavaria (alcoholic beverages are taxed at 19%). Instead it is taxed as a nutritional item and only taxed at around 7%!

People here figure how much you’ve drunk by the number of eyes or circles on the stein. In the photo below – the liter had 4 eyes in height.  

My first full liter!

A good server of these large beers can carry 14 steins at a time! I could only hold about 7 half liters (empty/almost empty).

I clearly need some practice.

On the way to the festival we passed a car that was wrapped in black and white. That was a BMW test vehicle that the drive on the roads in Bavaria to test them out. They don’t want the exterior of the vehicles to be seen by anyone so they keep them wrapped. Apparently many of the test drivers end up losing their licenses because they need to test the cars to their greatest capacity haha.

On the way back to Munich to meet up with Annika (my friend who I met in Sweden when I lived there for a year in 2004) the following day, we stopped I Regensburg. Regensburg is a really cool city on a river that I could actually see myself living in. The architecture is very traditional and old and the streets are easy walking and easy to navigate! The area was truly beautiful!

The river in Regensburg! The Danube, Regen and Naab rivers all meet here.
Old hotel!
Cathedral in Regensburg.

Annika met me at the train station in Munich before we drove to Lake Konstanz. The lake is beautiful (photos to come in the next post). It sits at the border of Germany, Switzerland and Austria. We went for a ride on the horses this morning and tonight we are heading to a Hawaiian themed party! If only I had remembered to pack my hula skirt…


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