The flight attendant spilled water on my head 

Yep…that happened. About halfway through my 7 hour flight to Copenhagen with Norwegian Air, the flight attendant accidentally spilled about a cup of water on my head. He could have just told me if he thought I needed to shower haha.
It’s not the first time someone has spilled something on me during a flight. 

A number of years ago a two year old across the aisle managed to spill orange juice on my lap. The mother didn’t even apologize.. Simply said “oh you know, two year olds.” I was pissed. I’ll take water from an apologetic flight attendant over orange juice from a two year old any day.

Anyways…I made it to Copenhagen, checked in with my host father at the Hilton hotel at the Copenhagen airport and then went into downtown Copenhagen to explore for a couple hours before meeting him again to drive to Sweden. It was chilly, so I tried to stay moving and walked most of the main walking street from Nyhaven to Tivoli Gardens. Nyhaven is a beautiful harbor with some really cool old boats and colorful restaurants.


Driving over the Oresunds Bridge from Copenhagen to Sweden, my host father shared with me that they have had to add immigration checkpoints between the two countries. Previous to the refugee crisis, people could move freely between Scandinavian countries. When the refugees started making their way up, the had to begin checking passports as thousands were coming through per day.

Day two was spent in Malmö walking around the city and enjoying Spanish tapas for lunch on the canal. I went to high school in Malmö when I was an exchange student so it was nice to see how the city has changed. The afternoon we walked out on the longest pier in Sweden to have a glass of wine. It’s a great view of both Sweden and Denmark.

Sweden on the left, Denmark in the right
Me and one of my host mamas enjoying wine on the pier
The longest pier in Sweden

And now I sit on the train to go up to Stockholm for the night to visit my host sister. Let’s hope that no one in my compartment spills anything on me!


2 thoughts on “The flight attendant spilled water on my head 

  1. Hannah

    At least it wasn’t a tray of sugary shots at Oasis!!! People love spilling stuff on you apparently! Happy to see you’ve had a great first few days!


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