Washington State (And Idaho & Oregon)

I had already planned to go to Washington State to visit my sister at the end of June, so I went out there before closing on my house and had an amazing time. I went out a few years ago and did the North Cascade Loop after seeing Diablo Overlook in a Washington State travel guide (highly recommend).

13173373_10101118934219015_7377906973598035354_oDiablo Overlook, Washington State

This year I went even further west and further east. My sister and I went out to Olympic National Park and Neah Bay.

Me and my sister, Julia.

We hiked out 4.5 miles each way to see the Point of Arches and later that evening went to Cape Flattery, the north-westernmost point in the contiguous US. Also in the area west of Seattle, we hit up Crescent Beach and Whidbey Island.Words cannot describe it out there, so I’ll leave you with some photos (hover over to see where they were).


I left my sister (she had to work) and drove out to Lewiston, Idaho to do a Snake River tour (Snake Dancer Excursions – also highly recommend) out of Clarkston, Washington up to Hells Canyon (yes, it’s Lewis and Clark). The drive east was long (around 6 hours), but worth it.  I had a blast going up and down the river (rapids and all) in an aluminum boat. It was a refreshing way to spend a 100+ degree day. The tour took us through 3 states that the Snake River runs along/through: Washington, Idaho and Oregon.

I was only out there for a week, but I felt like I accomplished quite a bit of sightseeing. I have a tendency to jam-pack itineraries – it keeps me going!

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