Wine & Cheese

Sitting in the Lyon, France airport waiting on my connection to Paris and I have to say that Nice was pretty incredible. I was in the old town area (Vieux Ville) and it was perfect. The streets were a lot like Venice – narrow and primarily walking streets, lined with small cafés, restaurants and boutiques.


I was a 5 minute walk to the beach, 5 minutes to the top of Castle Hill for panoramic views and 5 minutes to the port. And there were endless places to eat and drink right outside my door.

Top of Castle Hill overlooking the beach and Promenade des Anglais
Top of Castle Hill looking towards the Port
The Port

My AirBnB hosts were awesome – and by the time I left, I almost felt like a local. They showed me the local watering holes, restaurants and more. 

I did a little of everything there: some beach, some hills (I wouldn’t quite call them hikes) and a lot of walking. I made it to Eze Village one of the days – by way of a very scenic bus ride. From there I saw even more stunning panoramic views from ruins at the top of a historic village on a mountain/hill.

View from Eze

It was surprising to me that the city is fairly quiet prior to noon – I felt like I had the city to myself most mornings. Another surprise was the low cost of things. The Euro and dollar are fairly close right now, and the cost of cheese and wine was very low in comparison. The first night I was out I asked my host if the price on a bottle of wine was for real – 5.80€ (about $6.50 USD). He said yep – and that was expensive! So needless to say, I drank a lot of wine and ate a lot of cheese.

It was very hot in Nice… I don’t think I have sweat so consistently for 4 days straight. There isn’t much that is air conditioned – as most places are open air, so it was a struggle for me (being used to the Maine weather). Each day was around 83 degrees but with the humidity had a ‘feels like’ temperature of mid-90s. Now I understand why all the French travel in August!! The beach was not sandy either – the entire 4 miles or so was small pebbles – if you ever go – bring chairs/cushions!

Let’s hope Paris is a little cooler!


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