Scorpions and bus accidents

 My first morning in Venice and I half awake head towards my bathroom. I very quickly become fully alert when I see a scorpion in my shower!! On the smaller side.. But still a little jarring! I can’t bring myself to smash it, so I turn the water on as hot as it’ll go and send it on its way down the drain… Only after I get some photos though! Apparently they aren’t poisonous in Italy.. But it’s still creepy as hell! 
Venice is a city for getting lost. I took so many wrong turns, back alleyways and different bridges that I still don’t think I know the best route anywhere. I was out of the super touristy area, but still walking distance. I think when all was said and done I had walked around 8 miles each day I was in Venice! My last full day in Venice I took a boat ride to three islands: Burano, Murano and Torcello. We went to a glass factory on Murano…And oops! I went into the men’s bathroom by accident. That was a little embarrassing to come out and see a line of men waiting! I guess I got used to the Swedish ones where every door is fair game.

The fisherman’s houses on Burano were all painted very bright colors!
One of many!
San Marco Square
Just a couple steps out the door at my AirBnB.

I took the bus into the Marco Polo airport yesterday and there was a car holding up traffic. Our bus driver decides to back up and smashes into a car behind us! Does he stop? Nope. He continues to drive off – then very quickly exits the bus at the stop and runs off! 

The Marco Polo airport was a little confusing when I got there. I checked in on the lower level with EasyJet. I was up near the beginning of the line – I’m glad I was!! Then I had to go outside, up an escalator and back in. It didn’t make a whole lot of sense. We were given our gate about 10 minutes before boarding, then shuttled to the plane which was in the middle of the Tarmac somewhere. I could not believe how tight the seats were. No recline either. Warning.. If you are tall… Or even taller than me at 5’5″… Don’t fly EasyJet unless you like being super cramped. Also, non EasyJet plus passenger are only allowed one carry on – and purses count as that one. There was a lot of scrambling to stuff purses into already packed carry ons.. Thankfully I had planned accordingly!

Even I was short on space.

I arrive in Nice, get to my AirBnB and end up spending the evening out with my host and his friend. More to come.. But so far Nice is putting Venice to shame!


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