6 days and 3,800 miles later

I’m about a week into my journey and have made it from Maine to Washington! The first two days of my drive around the country were strictly drive days. 10+ hours each day. I was surprised at how quickly they went though. I’ve been flying through audio books and podcasts. I drove through farm lands, old stage coach routes and of course, lots of highway. It was interesting to pass through towns that had population listed on their town signs (List Springs, WY had a population of 4!) 

My first park stop was Badlands National Park in South Dakota. I felt like I was on another planet. The landscape was incredible!  
Before heading to my hotel, I checked out Mount Rushmore as well.

I stayed in Hot Springs, South Dakota that evening – which was interesting for lack of a better word. It’s their off season so most of the town was shut down. I was one of 3 vehicles at my hotel, and when I went to a local bar/restaurant for dinner it was easy to overhear the locals’ conversations. One guy was completely wasted (at 6 pm) and the other two were having a conversation about God, sin and divorce. 

From there I went to the Grand Tetons. Pictures just don’t do these justice. When they come into view they are truly inspiring. I explored the area and woke up early the next day to head to the Glacier area. It was -20 degrees when I left!

I got to the Glacier area and explored Whitefish Mountain. Stunning views. 

The next morning I was the first one into the park and went for a 5 mile hike into McDonald Falls. The park was amazing, even though in the winter a lot of the roads and trails are closed.

I’ve been surprised to see two Tesla charging stations.. this remote one is out in the middle of nowhere in Idaho!!! Looks like it hasn’t been used since the last snow.. at least there was one in use in Jackson Hole!

After a treacherous drive today, I made it to my sister in Anacortes, WA! I left from Post Falls, ID in an ice storm, saw about 15 tractor trailer trucks off the road before driving over Stevens Pass in a blizzard.

Tomorrow we hit the road to Multnomah Falls in Oregon!


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